Company Profile



  • Philippine SEC-registered (2005) technical management and consultancy company
  • A spin-off corporation of First Exploration and Development Services, a single proprietorship firm, whose past clientele include Forum Energy, PetroEnergy Resources, Japex, Basic Consolidated, Aragorn Power and Energy, Aragorn Coal, etc.
  • Focus on services to clients engaged in energy and natural resource exploration, exploitation and production, including minerals, oil & gas, coal, coalbed methane, geothermal, and other renewable energy source.
  • Through over 30 years average individual experience in various pre-exploration, exploration and production projects, our consultants have been rendering high standard professional advices and delivering the required quality work on time and in the most cost-efficient way.
  • Core group of mostly geoscientists who have experience working with several local and foreign mineral and energy E & P companies, e.g. Benguet Corp., COMINCO, MMIC, SURICON, Apex Mining, Banahaw Mining, APMC (now Alcorn Gold Resources), Pacific Amber Resources, PNOC-EC, PNOC-EDC, Phillips Petroleum (now Conoco-Phillips), Alcorn Production, Philodrill Corp., SOCDET Pty. Ltd. (now Nido Petroleum), AWE, Fletcher Challenge Pty. Ltd., Anderman/Smith, etc.
  • Our mineral geologists have solid experience in exploration and development of epithermal and alluvial gold, porphyry copper, massive sulphides, nickeliferrous laterite, magnetite sands, and other related ore deposits, in both underground and open pit environment all throughout the Philippines.
  • Our vast pool of geothermal specialists has wide and solid experience in geothermal energy development in the Philippines and Japan, with involvement in exploration, drilling, resource assessment and management, and operations. These specialists include geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, drilling and reservoir engineers, design and process engineers, and risk and economic analysts.
  • Our petroleum geologists, geophysicists and reservoir engineers have in-depth local and international experience exploring in a variety of geologic settings.


  • Open to having strategic arrangement or tie-ups with specific local and international entities which have expertise in various disciplines: financial market and capital investment, general construction and power engineering, environmental management, exploration drilling, reservoir engineering, geological, geochemical and geophysical services, and logistics supply and management.
  • Through partnerships, the company will be able to offer and provide more comprehensive services in multi-discipline engineering, geoscientific, logistical, and energy power production sectors.
  • FEDS can earn project or corporate equity as partial consideration for its service engagement, be it project-based or long-term advisory, to clients who may be receptive to have FEDS as stakeholders in their company or specific project.

Our Consultants - Associates (Partial List)

Asahi Hattori - Associate-Advisor, Geophysics

Rene Antonio L. Buenviaje - Business Development Associate

Francis M. Dolor - Geothermal Project Management

Felixberto Maneja - Geophysicist

Carlo A. Ruiz - Geothermal Specialist / Field-Wellsite Geologist

Jesus B. Pornuevo – Geothermal Specialist / Field-Structural-Wellsite Geologist

Armando C. Licup – Field/Wellsite Geologist

Maria Johnnie Z. Villareal – Field Geologist

Xyza L. Omac – Field Geologist

Rex Camit - Geologist/Remote Sensing Specialist

Aristeo Baltasar - Geochemist

Norman C. Salapare – Field Geologist / Geophysicist

Ma. Ines Rosana D. Balangue-Tarriela, PhD – Petrologist/Petrographer/Geochemist

Miguel B. Esberto - Geothermal Reservoir Engineer

Norlito Bulandres - Mud Engineer/Drilling Engineer

Mario Talens - Drilling Engineer

Francis Mendita – Drilling Engineer/Drilling Management Specialist

Roberto Razo - Steam Gathering / Power Plant Engineer

Josefino C. Adajar – Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Specialist


SINO Geophysical Co., Ltd. (SINOGEO)
is a high-tech private company that specializes in integration of seismic processing and geological comprehensive interpretation and provides an independent resource volume assessment of oil and gasfield blocks. Its headquarter is in Beijing, and there are two branches in Urumqi and Jidong.
Geo-Microbial Technologies, Inc., (GMT)
is a privately held company located in Ochelata, Oklahoma, well known in the oil and gas industry for its research in petroleum microbiology and for hydrocarbon micro-seepage surveys. GMT has more than 20 years of experience conducting successful and innovative surface exploration surveys all over the world in geologically and environmentally diverse settings ranging from Asiatic and Mid-east deserts to South American jungles, and from temperate US grasslands to the polar Arctic coastal plains.