Short Biography of Some Associates/Consultants


  CARLO A. RUIZ, Geologist
CARLO A. RUIZ – Carlo is professional registered geologist. He earned his B.S. Geology degree at the Mapua Institute of Technology. He started his professional career in 1980 as an exploration and mine geologist for PNOC-Coal Corporation. In 1985, he transferred to the sister company PNOC-EDC where he had his earlier geothermal training as a graduating student. With PNOC-EDC, he was involved in geothermal resource assessment, geochemistry studies for geothermal and minerals, and exploration wellsite geological works. In 1991-96, he worked as wellsite geologist for a private contractor engaged by Philippine Geothermal Inc. in its geothermal well drilling activities. In 1996 to 2010, he went overseas to join Baker Hughes Inteq as a wellsite geologist and data engineer in numerous oil and gas and geothermal wells projects in Australia and Asia-Pacific region. He joined EDC (privatized PNOC-EDC) in 2010 as contract geologist until October 2012. He became an associate-consultant with FEDS Energy after his stint with EDC.