Short Biography of Some Key Persons


  BALGAMEL B. DOMINGO, Manager, Mineral and Coal Property Development
BALGAMEL B. DOMINGO – Lito is a B.S. Geology graduate from the University of the Philippines and a registered Competent Person for Geology. His expertise includes: exploration and mineral resource evaluation of epithermal and alluvial gold, porphyry copper, massive sulphides, nickeliferrous laterite, magnetite sands, and coal deposits; underground mining and open pit mining development. He started his career as geologist for Benguet Corp. in the underground Acupan mine in 1968 and followed by a short stint with Global Mining Resources Inc. as geologist exploring for nickel laterite deposits in the Zambales. In 1969, he joined Marinduque Mining and Industrial Corp. as resident geologist of the Sipalay porphyry copper mine, a 14,500 tons per day porphyry copper mine in Negros Occidental, where he rose to the rank of Exploration Manager and Special Assistant to the Vice President and General Manager. Drilling operations increased ore reserve to plus 400 million tons averaging 0.4% Cu, with some gold and molybdenum recovered from the concentrate. He was also involved in the CDCP Mining’s porphyry copper mine in Basay, Negros Occidental. In 1976-78, he became Exploration Manager of COMINCO Phils. Inc., a subsidiary of COMINCO Ltd. of Canada, which is involved in porphyry copper exploration in western Negros and northern Luzon that included the Didipio, Nueva Viscaya area of Climax, now Oxiana Mining and the Runruno Gold of Metalex. From 1978-82, he was a Department Manager in Benguet Corp. which was conducting exploration in the massive sulphide deposits in Rapu-rapu Island that was later developed by Lafayette Mining of Australia and now operated by a large Korean group. In 1981-86, he was an Exploration Manager for Suricon Consolidated Mining Co. Inc. (SURICON) in Siana gold mine in Surigao del Norte, a 1000 tons per day open pit mine producing gold and silver. It is one of the first mine that used SAG mill, Merrill Crowe process and later combined with Carbon In Pulp technology. He joined Banahaw Mining and Development Corp. as Vice President-Exploration and Director in 1987 where he became President and CEO in 1991. He was involved in the exploration and later development of the Co-O Mine of Banahaw Mining in Rosario, Agusan del Sur which is now managed by Medusa Mining. This is a 750 tons per day underground mine that now produces over 100,000 ounces gold per year. He became familiar with Apex Mining’s Kanarubi copper prospect where there are may be other deposits nearby, similar to the Amacan Porphyry Copper of North Davao Mining which was later transferred for disposition by open bidding to the government-owned Philippine Mining and Development Corp. (PMDC). In 2004, he was President of United Philippine and China Mining Corp. which operated a magnetite sand project in Cagayan Province and eastern Leyte, and a manganese project in Agusan del Norte. He was also concurrent Vice President for AAM-Phil Dinagat Chromite Project, under a Joint Operating Agreement with the Natural Resources Mining and Development Corporation (NRMDC), in Dinagat Island, Surigao del Norte. In 2006, he joined Minoro Mining & Exploration Corporation as Vice President-Exploration and was responsible for the advanced exploration and early development of the magnetite sands property in Tolosa, eastern Leyte with a Japanese investor. From 2007 to present, he is a Consultant of PMDC, the designated mining arm of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and Northern Access Mining Corp., operator of a magnetite sands property in Tolosa, eastern Leyte. He was a consultant of Forum Cebu Coal Corp., mining operator of COC in Dalaguete, Cebu, from July 2010 to August 2011.  He is currently a key associate-consultant with FEDS Energy.