Short Biography of Some Associates/Consultants


  ASAHI HATTORI , Associate-Advisor, Geophysics
ASAHI HATTORI – Asahi is from Kyoto, Japan. He earned his post-graduate degree at the Faculty of Science, Institute of Geophysics in Kyoto University. He is a Professional Consulting Engineer since 1977 and a Registered Surveyor in Japan since 1978. His fields of specialization include: natural resources exploration by geophysical exploration method such as electrical, electro-magnetic, gravity and magnetic methods; field data acquisition, data processing, and interpretation; training and technological transfer of geophysical exploration techniques. In 1965 to 1972, he was involved in mineral and geothermal exploration with Mitsubishi Metal Mining Company (now Mitsubishi Materials Corporation). From 1974 to 2000, he was connected with New Energy Foundation Planning which is involved in the planning, ordering, evaluation of geothermal exploration, and overseas cooperation projects. He was with the JICA Dispatch Expert Program in 1997-99 with a role of Geothermal Exploration Specialist for the Energy Resource Development Bureau of the Philippine Department of Energy. He was Advisor of overseas natural resources projects in 2000-2003 with Mitsubishi Natural Resources Exploration Co. In 2004-2007, he was Advisor on Onsen exploration with Chinetsu Company of Japan. He is presently involved in the promotion of renewable energy and geo-heat heat pump system as secretariat general since 2007 of the Geo-Heat Promotion Association of Japan.